My professional research is focused on:

    1. Volatility models and risk-premia for volatility trading strategies
    2. Systematic risk-premia and trend-following strategies for managed futures
    3. Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Smart Contracts, and crypto assets for systematic mid-frequency trading strategies
    4. Alternative data and Machine Learning for systematic macro trading
    5. Tail risk and diversification for quantitative asset allocation
    6. Credit risk and risk-premia for capital structure arbitrage strategies
    7. Structuring, simulation and execution of systematic solutions and products for alpha and risk-premia generation and for risk-mitigation

My PhD research topic was on solving the stopping time problem for jump-diffusion and stochastic volatility processes with applications to default risk modeling.

My research is cited in over 900 research papers according to Google Scholar and my author H index is 16 (published 16 articles that are cited at least 16 times).

You can read my research from:

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments regarding my research and expertise at artursepp@gmail. I will try to contact you back as soon as possible.

Selected Research Papers

Lipton, A. and Sepp, A., Automated Market-Making for Fiat Currencies (2021). Working Paper, available at SSRN:

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